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Mastering for Records, the methods and problems; Kindle Edition


Although not so comprehensive as the old Boden book I aimed it for a modern and more general readership. Also, its cheaper!

My original short article has expanded over the years to give a better oversight for the whole process of mastering gramophone records. I have expanded the general information into a longer article, written from my personal viewpoint (and biases!).
I further added the text from the book Physical Processes of Cutting Gramophone Records written by Frits Nygaard, Kirsten Hauberg and Tony Batchelor for Ortofon A/S. Reproduced with their permission.

Finally, this eBook ends with a copy of the original IEC Publication 98 Processed disk records and reproducing equipment. This has been revised by the IEC and is available as IEC 60098:1987. I have also included the 1971 specification for four channel records from the Japan Phonograph Record Association.

The book is available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IFBODS0 where there is a link to "Look Inside"

I hope a few people here will enjoy it!

Tony Batchelor


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