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32 bit audio interface


i am going to buy a sound card,i have my eyes on roland super ua and apogee duet.
as we know the duet is nice and standered but i thought of the roland as it has 32 bit on it playback.
so i think it will give me more power to master my tracks.
i will record also so i want no latency will tracking.it has two headphone jacks,so i can use one for the artist and one for me while tracking.
so if some body owns it can definitely give his review on it.and also if some body can advice me about any other audio interface of this size.


Can you hear bit 32? I dont think so! Can you hear bit 24 in a 24 bit system? I dont think so! Stop buying into meaningless jargon.

Jim Williams:
24 bit 96 or 192k sample rate cards are all you need. I use a $19 digital I/O card in one PC, works great, 24 bit accurate.

Modern converters like Burrbrown and ESS can only do about 21 bits A/D, maybe a a couple more for a DAC. The rest is noise. BurrBrown also makes 32 bit converters, but the specs don't reach the resolution of their best 24 bit parts, it's all marketing BS.

Digital processing does work better at higher bit depths, but that isn't the audio bit depth, just the processors.

Eddie Eagle:
The Roland and Apogee can be used when you don't have an external Mic Pre. So if you want an onboard pre with your interface those are both good. 24bit is all you should ever need...unless you are cyborg or a hyper-aural animal like cats or dogs that can hear things we don't. ;)
Otherwise any interface that puts out 24bit will do for a sound card. As you can see they are very affordable.

I'm looking for a sound card. Can you recommend me?


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