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Kitty Hawk Testarossa rack Guitar Tube Preamp with footswitch rare preamplifier


Up for sale is a rare Kitty Hawk Testarossa rack Guitar Tube Preamp with footswitch,

Awesome sound, creamy crunch with Hi-Filter settings,

High gain leads with Bright pot,

4 channels: Clean \ Crunch \ Lead 1 \ Lead 2

5 tubes!

Handbuilt in Holland

Asking 500$ - would accept paypal

Here is my ebay account:

Unit is fully functional and has been recently serviced by a very experienced US tech - Stanley Jacox of Sound-Pros ( )
Power transformer has been replaced with a high quality toroid transformer (stock mains transformers in Kitty Hawk amps are well known for their tendency to fail early :)
So now it is a much more reliable and less noisy preamplifier.
220v \ EU plug, think it should be possible just to rewire the current transformer installed for 110v

Registered trackable Airmail shipping worldwide! + 50$ or 100$ for EMS Express courrier door to door


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