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Any thoughts on the Bricasti Design Model 7 reverb


Thomas W. Bethel:
Subject line says it all.

I do a lot of classical/acoustic mastering. I sometimes want to all some additional space/depth around the mastered tracks.

I am just wondering if someone has this unit and is willing to talk about it.

Thanks in advance!!!

Jim Williams:
I have one here. It is by far the best digital reverberator design ever made. The computing power is amazing with 6 Analog Devices Blackfin processors running more data than 10 I-7 processors can.

The reverbs are lush and very realistic. The density cannot be matched by any other device. It is the only reverb I've ever used that sounds great 100% wet. The ver.3 upgrade with new pcb's will be out sometime next year, another game changer.

There is no other choice for classic or roots based music. There are two types of studios in this world, those that have the M7 and those that do not.


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