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New Parallel Dynamic Equalizer from Tokyo Dawn Records.


Just got an email on this today and I believe there would be some interest here in this.



Hermetech Mastering:
Been beta testing it for a few weeks, is great!

Indeed, it's a very interesting plugin. It cuts back my processing time to less than five minutes. One minute is reduced for setting up my plug-ins and then the last three for parallel processing.

It actually reminds me of the dynamic eq iZotope's Ozone series has complete with multiband compression. But this one's easier on the CPU. What I could say is it's got a very beautiful spectrum analyser.

I went for the Gentleman's Edition and I highly recommend it. Having just those two additional bandwidths can bring so many new things to a track! That, and bonus time to work on other tracks when you've got a hectic office day!

This needs a bump, this plug-in is so excellent


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