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TASCAM DR-44WL Review Posted


This is TASCAM's latest hand-held recorder. 4 channels, decent mics built in, some pro features like a pair of XLR-1/4" combo jacks for real microphones (with phantom power). Coolest feature is that it contains a WiFi host and talks to an app (iOS and Android) to provide a full remote control - transport controls, track arming, level adjustment with meters, time display, etc. It also has a "Portastudio-like" mode which I expected to be easier to use, given that TASCAM has been in that business for a long time.

Find the review on the Product Reviews section of my web site: https://mikeriversaudio.wordpress.com/product-reviews/


download the PDF directly at: https://mikeriversaudio.files.wordpr...4wl_review.pdf

Can we change it in https://mobile-phone-tracker.org/ mobile recorder on Android?

Jim Williams:
Will it log on and do social media all by itself? I'd love to see a troll fight between devices.


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