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Claudiu L.:

I have read about the issues of a geodesic dome for recording. What about for concerts? Does the dome properties of focusing the sound help in this sittuation?
I visited a small dome (10-15 meters diameter) and there was a nice natural amplification of sound. Did i missed something?

I want to build a small concert room so i'm looking for advises. Thanks!

Claudiu L.

IK do not really know for sure, however when you go to pay to write essay , you will definitely figure it out.

Domes as a concert hall could be cool...
They certainly are a strong method of spreading the weight of the ceiling and acoustical devices.

If we were to design a dome it would have treatment related to reducing and diffusing the parabolic reflections that might be problematic.

Unusual spaces are definitely interesting as performance venues.

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GBP Studios
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Dominick Costanzo:
Arthur Lyman did many recordings in the Kaiser aluminum geodesic dome at the Kaiser Hawaiian Village Hotel on  Waikiki in Honolulu.

Concave shapes focus all reflections towards the room centre. Disastrous.
I recorded an album with the Monks of Glenstal and Sinead O Connor some years ago.
One of the spaces we tried with a newly built tower, intended for the monks to sing and pray in. it was utterly unusable. One note,  rang like a bell!


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