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HI Guys, I have been installing and integrating recording studios for almost 20 years and I have always had to find quirky solutions for labelling bays.  Well I decided that someone had to come up with a solution that would yield professional looking labels on our bays, so I developed a program.  If anyone is interested in it you can check out www.aztecpatchbay.com
I attached some screenshots of the program.
Let me know your thoughts

What a cool idea!!! ...yet I have to ask myself -- "where were you 10-15 years ago when 'patch bays' were a near daily part of the majority of the industries reality"?  Thanks for doing this now!!!  There are still a bunch of studios that require this labeling technology -- its great that someone finally got around to doing this on a level that is "shareable".


The OP seems to have a typo in the web address.  I think this is correct: http://aztecpatchbay.com/

J.J. Blair:
Hmmm.  Only works with windows, which means 98% of the pro audio community can't use it.  Might want to rethink that strategy!

Michael Scott:
Luckily my office system is Windows 8)
Thanks! Much easier than using  XL...


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