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Author Topic: Advice needed on new mastering studio build  (Read 7034 times)

Rusty Recordings

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Advice needed on new mastering studio build
« on: January 08, 2015, 12:24:48 AM »

I am getting ready to build a room here in Southeast Alaska which will be dedicated primarily to mastering. The room and treatment will be entirely DIY. I'm a capable carpenter.

I have the opportunity to frame up a room inside a very large shop building I am renting. It's a 35 foot by 21' room with sixteen foot ceilings. I have to leave almost half of it open for storage, so my maximum width for the room will be 15 feet.
Floor is a cement slab. Walls are wood frame with OSB (chipboard, similar to plywood) on the inside. I'm not concerned about isolation.

Because of the high volume space I have to work within, I hope to be able to create a room with good low frequency characteristics. I could really use some advice on a range of topics. Right now, I'm focused on room ratios.

I've attached a few Sketchup drawings. First is the empty shop. Second is an outline of a proposed 12.6' H x 15' W X 17.8' L room within the shop. This room has a ratio of 1:1.19:1.41, which is a recommended ratio according to Trevor Cox's AES paper of 2004.
**In all the pictures, the ceiling and one side wall is omitted for clarity.
The room outlined in the third drawing doesn't comply closely with a known ratio, but has the benefit of an extra 1,200 cu ft of volume because it incorporates the back alcove of the shop into the build.

Which option do you think will has the most advantages? I like the idea of sticking to a good ratio as a starting point, but I hate the thought of not utilizing the extra space available.
Any thoughts? I appreciate your comments greatly.




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Re: Advice needed on new mastering studio build
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2016, 11:07:09 PM »

Room Ratios Rule and Require Thought and effort.

Hire an acoustician and get it right the first time.

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