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Neve 2264 mod to use in bcm



 i have a Neve bcm and i have two channels e play and i want to put 2 2264 but i have to make a moda and i cant remember how is,somebody here who clan help me with this? I know is something very easy but i cant remember


Hi - compare pinouts

1073 SPECIFIC connections:

A    mic input 0 degrees (+)
B    mic input 180 degrees (-)
E     24 volts return (0 volts)
F    line input 0 degrees (+)
H    line input 180 degrees (-)
K    feed to external fader loop ***
L    return from external fader loop ***
P    unbalanced output 
R   balanced output 0 degrees (+)
S   balanced output center-tap
T    balanced output 180 degrees (-)
U    + 24 volts supply (+24 volts)
V    chassis

2264 SPECIFIC connections:

E     24 volts return (0 volts)
F    line input 0 degrees
H    line input 180 degrees
K    feed to external meter - ***
L    feed to external meter + ***
M    control voltage sw A
N    control voltage sw B 
R   balanced output 0 degrees (+)
T    balanced output 180 degrees (-)
U    + 24 volts supply (+24 volts)
V    chassis

You can see a difference in that 2264 is a correction unit that has no mic input and also that the use of pins K and L are different. 

The fader loop on 1073 and other channel amplifiers was used in a few Neve mixer applications - not in a lot of consoles/mixer but I am remembering that BCM used that fader loop.  It would be best to look to see if in fact you see wiring coming off pins K and L.  The fader loop, I think, feeds down to the channel switcher where it is buffered (because it needs to be) so it can fan out to the fader and to cue and the pre/post switch.

When the fader loop is not used pins K and L would be jumped one to the other and measure zero ohms so, (with power off) check and see if the channel amplifier connector in you BCM is other than near to zero ohms.  I suspect it is not zero and the fader loop is indeed utilized for a fader.

On the 2264 pins K and L would feed out to an external meter...  when you don't use that feature these pins need to be connected to each other so the internal meter works.  In a console that does not use the fader loop for anything then pins K and L are connected so you can drop the 2264 in and run in to the line input.

In the BCM (if I remember right) the 2264 isn't going to integrate very well.  You can internally connect the meter wiring and get it off pins K and L in the module but you can't replicate the fader loop, which is just before the output amplifier in a 1073, in a 2264, because the limiter sidechain takes it's input from after that amplifier and any gain changes that would be introduced by inserting a fader before the output amplifier would essentially be changing your limiter threshold... it could be interesting but not really right...

in desks like 8014, 8024, 8026, 8028, 8034...  and maybe some other consoles that have the 45w 220h channel amplifier slots and do not use the fader loop in those slots... you can mix correction modules in to the channel amplifier positions a little easier...


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