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Neumann U47fet Reissue: Complete Tear Down and Analysis

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--- Quote ---$4K is the retail price. You can obtain them at a lower price
--- End quote ---
Please cite concrete examples.

Neumann has become very strict about undercutting its MAP pricing. You will not find a new U47fet for under approximately $3800.- because otherwise, the dealer will be cut off.


--- Quote from: brightmillion on March 22, 2015, 03:14:20 AM ---Klaus, would you grab a Reissue one to record just as quickly as a Vintage one? or if still given the choice, go for a well maintained vintage one?

--- End quote ---

Given the audible differences in capsule sounds, I would grab the better sounding one: Neumann specifies 2dB for this mic over the entire frequency range, which means there may be as much as 4 dB off from one to the next fet47 at any frequency point, which is audible and character-defining. Almost all of the mic's response spread or tolerance is due to the hand-made capsule.

The verdict is much more iffy if you asked me which one will retain its value over the long run. From experience with the U67 reissue, it could end up that both- vintage and reissue- will appreciate equally in value over time, especially if the reissue will be limited in numbers (notice: I use "appreciate" rather than "retain").

To me the benefit of getting a vintage one would be if the capsule inside is still original but also still top notch. If it was an M7 that still works great even better. But even with the K47, while I do agree that new one's sound great the few original old ones I have that are still in good shape do sound better to my ear. ( I still don't know if this is because they indeed were manufactered better or if it is because of aging - maybe Klaus can bring some insight here?)
If how ever the vintage Capsule sounds hard, lacks bass and does not give the sense of dimension (which is the case with most old capsules I have gotten) then I would prefear to buy the reissue rather to let the old capsule reskinn.



I don't believe the 47 FET ever shipped with an M7 capsule. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe that Berlin Neumann had phased-out the M7 long before the 47 FET's introduction.


I always thought there was a small number of M7-47fet's, but I could be wrong. Don't know who telled me that there was a version with the m7. All the 47 fets I used indeed had a K47...


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