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Neumann U47fet Reissue: Complete Tear Down and Analysis

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Thanks Klaus for your explanation.

And you are right, I mis-read mr Schneider's info.


--- Quote from: Daniel_Dettwiler on December 11, 2014, 02:27:26 PM ---... Vocals with the U47fet are quite "flat" in the meaning you will not hear the size of the body of the singer as with the U47 tube. That must not be bad, i.e. if a singer sings loud and you need the voice in front and it shall sound "rocky" but not have any depth, the 47fet can be ok. It lacks personality, however, and it does not have an organic sound. The U47 (tube) however has a very round, warm and organic sound that it gives to almost every voice. It sounds gorgous and lush and opens the 5 kHz range in a nice and often magic way, giving it almost a little "grainy" character in a good way (the M49 does that in a similar way while the U47fet is more "hard" but not open in this range) .
That all said, I have a lot of U47 (tubes) but at the moment no U47 fet. I worked with it a lot in other studios, so I really know the fet-version fairly well. I want one, but really would use it on bass drums only, and maybe sometimes on guitar amps. ...

--- End quote ---

Here's an interesting use of the 47fet on vox (2 w/ 170's):


For what it's worth, the Aretha Franklin album "Who's Zoomin' Who" is said to have used a 47fet in one of the Mix Magazine "Classic Tracks" articles.

What I am wondering- with the 47fet reissue's going for $4000 new and the vintage ones on eBay going for around the same +/- $200, what would be the advantage of one vs. the other to a new purchaser? 

I could see if a re-issue came out significantly lower than the vintage market it could sell very well (not that I'm suggesting that Neumann should be selling it for $1500 or whatnot). But it seems a vintage one would possibly retain a higher resale value in the long term still? assuming it is in proper working condition..

Klaus, would you grab a reissue to record just as quickly as a vintage one? Or if still given the choice, go for a well maintained vintage one?

$4K is the retail price. You can obtain them at a lower price. I would say it's a "no-brainer". Why opt for something used (God knows how many times it's been put in front of a kik drum) when you can buy it brand new for around the same price?


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