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Neumann U47fet Reissue: Complete Tear Down and Analysis

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Ernie Black:
Top Board plus new FET used.
Late versions of the original (after circuit 930-05) had the FET mounted as it is on the reissue: on the outside of the top board (mine is a 930-05). Note the new FET used: a Fairchild 2N3819, same model, different manufacturer, as was used until the early 1980s. Sample FET placed on top of board, for illustration what it looks like.

Ernie Black:
The question has come up repeatedly: can the old attenuator and impedance switches, which tended to self-destruct, because of their brittle plastic housings, be replaced by the switches from the reissue?

The answer: not easily, if at all. The mounting hole distance to screw them into the side and bottom wall was 22mm old, and is 17mm on the reissue. With other words, the original fet47 mic housing and frame would need to be modified to fit them.

Thanks for taking the time! Can't wait for sound impressions.

Awesome.  If only every microphone review on the internet were this deeply knowledgable, thorough, and helpful...  Thanks Klaus! :D

Glenn Bucci:
Cheers Klaus, your insight is always appreciated and insightful.  ;D


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