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Siemens U273 Mods for more control


Hi there!

I got a pair of U273 units and I am searching for mods get for more control for these units; I would lijke to add a threshold, attack, release and make up level controls. Where I can found info abouts these mods??, Someone did this before?
Thanks anticipated!

I'm interested too.
A friend of mine dis a mod for my 2 U273s. He'd put an atenuator at the input and did replace something inside with stepped switches to give slower attack time. It works, more or less (never finished and then I moved... ), but both sound and react differently. A makeup stage would be nice...
I also have U373a. Unmodded. Other than the buggy attack in the U273, which is useful, I think it's better to run them in paralel with an atenuator before the input and an amplifier at the output.

Could you please tell where you bought them? I'm currently looking for them but for a fair price. Even already used ones would work for me.
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Yeah, I'm really interested where I can get them too.
No one probably reads this thread:(


--- Quote from: gailfar on October 31, 2017, 09:30:50 AM ---Yeah, I'm really interested where I can get them too.
No one probably reads this thread:(

--- End quote ---

ebay is the only one site where you can find this kind of units; but you will need a lot of luck because everyday is more rare to see them for sell there!!.

I am in the mod process until because I have not time but have some ideas for but need study more in detail that ideas and its effects. Its a shame but there is no description in anywhere about mods for these units. Do you??



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