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Author Topic: Microphones with "bayonet" mounting for capsules  (Read 2223 times)

David Satz

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Microphones with "bayonet" mounting for capsules
« on: January 04, 2014, 10:30:53 pm »

Hi. I have a basic historical question about condenser microphone capsule heads and amplifiers with "bayonet" mounting arrangements: Which of the well-known types were compatible with each other?

I know that Neumann (Berlin) made M 7, M 8 and M 9 capsule heads for their CMV 3a "bottle" amplifiers. Later, when the Gefell workshop was established, were its bayonet-type capsule heads (also called M 7 and M 8) and amplifiers (such as the CMV 5, or the CMV 563 with "G/B" adapter) directly compatible with those of Neumann (Berlin), as I would expect?

Was there perhaps even broader compatibility--did other known manufacturers produce capsule heads that could be used with the Neumann bayonet-mount amplifiers, and/or amplifiers that could be used with Neumann's bayonet-mount capsule heads?

--best regards

P.S.: Schoeps used bayonet-type attachments for a few of its capsule and amplifier types, but only relatively briefly (1951-52 or thereabouts). I could be wrong but I wouldn't expect these to have been physically or electrically compatible with Neumann's products.

Ron McCaskill

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Re: Microphones with "bayonet" mounting for capsules
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2014, 02:28:14 pm »

Hi, it may interest readers to know that the BBC made a valve preamplifier to use the M7 capsule. This was coded an "AMC/4". it also had the following accessories, Power Supply unit "SUP/7", a right-angled capsule coupling adaptor "MICA/3" and a  shock mounted mic stand adaptor coded "MAM/1". The amplifier was compatible with the NWDR type BM15 capsule.

Regards, Ron.
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