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Author Topic: What Microphone Information Should Be Free?  (Read 5954 times)

mike zietsman

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Re: What Microphone Information Should Be Free?
« Reply #15 on: February 07, 2014, 09:48:00 am »

I think what information that you give out should be entirely up to you. You have spent your lifetime acquiring the knowledge (and subsequently as I understand it - you have a reputation as being THE authority on vintage microphones) and it's redistribution is entirely up to you.

I do think it is nice when people wishing to learn theory that they can then use at their own risk are given the opportunity which makes for a more educated public. particularly in a regulated forum such as this one which is regulated by THE vintage microphone authority.

some examples of theory that I have picked up on this forum:

-How to spot a rediaphraghmed capsule.

-How to spot a deteriorating ck12 (theory which I used in the real world incorrectly and was stung by - but it was at my own risk and I have learned from it -> mostly the next point)

-I always ask myself after trying out a microphone - did using the microphone suspend my intellectual analysis and let me become immersed in the audio.

I think that no user of this forum should be obligated to provide their opinion on specific microphones about to be purchased or sold.

I think that information regarding your own techniques for modifying microphones is entirely proprietary and should remain yours if you choose it! (though I suspect users with a close eye might have picked up one or two tidbits  of your insider knowledge regarding some mics)

as forums go this is one of my most valued and I am very glad it exists!

basically I think theory is just that. theory. No amount of reading will make me as talented at identifying, maintaining and modifying mics as you. It might occasionally help me avoid buying a very expensive microphone that I otherwise wouldn't have - but that comes with as much guarantee and peace of mind as I payed for it. and as such is my own mistake to make.

All that being said thank you thank you thank you for running this forum. I am glad it exists but would understand completely if it was gone tomorrow.
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