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Author Topic: Cymatic LR-16 Review Posted  (Read 1849 times)


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Cymatic LR-16 Review Posted
« on: June 22, 2013, 03:20:15 pm »

I've had a Cymatic LR-16 to play with for the past couple of months and have posted a review on my web site. This is a device for people like me who have occasion to make a multitrack recording of a live show (small groups - it's a 16-channel device) and would rather not fuss with a computer along with all the other baggage. It's a small box that connects to a mixer via the standard cheap TRS Insert send/return jacks and records a WAV file per channel to an external USB drive. It can also connect to a computer and serve as a 16-in by 2-out audio interface.

It sounds pretty good and doesn't crash. I thought it was a good effort for the first product from a new company.

See my Product Reviews page to download the PDF review. It's pretty long and detailed.
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