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Author Topic: V76 question (filters, caps)  (Read 3214 times)


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V76 question (filters, caps)
« on: March 27, 2013, 09:52:06 AM »

It's my first question in this forum, and maybe it's a classic, but having searched the web for a few days and having not a clear answer I decided to post here; maybe I get a hint and will help somebody in the future.
I have my first V76 (V76/80). Sound is glorious. I also have a WSW tube preamp and V376a, V275, V672. I like the V76 a lot as it is, but being my first one I have a few questions:
Is it really necessary to recap it?. I have a few friends who have V76s and V72s and they said they never recapped anything and they had zero problems as these things are built for eternity.
Second question is about the filters.  I like the sound I get now, but I wonder if it can be better to have those filters removed. In the web there are lots of answers: some say that is better to leave as they are as that's the sound that became legendary, while others say that you didn't hear the preamp until you remove the filters... The anti filter bunch is divided in two camps: one that says that with just a cap shorting the input transformer the filter is gone, and others (Oliver, not the less) that says that the transformer has to be worked in and it's not that easy as a cap, as that mod sounds bad. The process for modding the transformer is not explained anywhere (for protecting knowledge and work I suppose). Forgive me if I made some mistakes in the descriptions as they are from memory and I'm not a tech.  What I'd like to know is what the consensus about recap and filters is and if somebody has first hand experiences with the process and its benefits and drawbacks (money being one :) )
thanks in advance

PS: My last Q: I know it's not recommended to use phantom with these preamps, but what about T-Power?. I have a few of these mics and PSUs. I measured the output and it seems there's no voltage there, but maybe it's a problem too.
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