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plugging audio from electric keyboard into audio input

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I was just wondering if anyone knew how to do what im trying to do..

I want to plug my keyboard into my computer to play through a music program to produce audio rather than midi. I was wondering if anyone knew if this was possible using a headphones jack on the keyboard to an interface (marked with a guitar) from 1/4" to 1/4" cable.. is this possible? it doesn't seem like it but I dont see why it shouldn't be

Jerome Malsack:
Headphone jacks can be a problem if they are not identified as mono output.  Reason being is when you insert the TS guitar cord you will be shorting the Ring to Sleeve and possibly damaging the Op amp output on the Ring of the headphones.  TRS. 

When in Doubt I have made a TRS to guitar TS cable that has TR with a resistor 1 k that connects to T on guitar side. 

Jerome Malsack:
The second safe option is to use an insert cable with TRS going into the headphone jack and the two quarter TS into the Audio device or mixer.  This gives you the stereo signal and you can pan hard L and R on the inputs. 

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