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Author Topic: Friends of 30th St Studio Webinar Oct 10  (Read 1588 times)

Dan Mortensen

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Friends of 30th St Studio Webinar Oct 10
« on: October 04, 2012, 05:22:35 pm »


Following through on a promise/threat that I made at the last Frank Laico/30th St meeting


and more in depth


I have formed the Friends of the 30th St. Studio, and we have had two webinar meetings that people can attend via their computers.

While planning a trip to NYC, I realized that we could have a physical meeting and also do the webinar from there to involve people who couldn't physically attend.

Discussions amongst the little Fo30S group have resulted in a physical location, a date, and a time. This post is to invite members of this forum to attend via the webinar.

The Internet meeting will be Wednesday, October 10 (next week as I write this), starting around 7:15pm EDT. To attend, there are some things to do which I will address below.

The event will consist of a "banquet" that you can't attend, unfortunately, as it's full, but if you want to vicariously experience the "banquet", you can eat a Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich (the official food of the Fo30S because us workers have had them before every Frank meeting, and he enjoyed them even though he "didn't know what the hell it is"). That's what we'll be eating.

There will be a post-banquet program, and that is when the webinar will start.

Since a gala banquet isn't gala without awards, we are going to present the Frank D. Laico Award of Excellence to Don Hunstein, who was a staff photographer for CBS in the day and is the source of many if not most of the visual memories we have of the studio. He and his wife DeeAnne will be in attendance to receive the award. There will also be a surprise award that will be secret until that evening. The custom-designed awards turned out pretty nice, and I will try to post pictures after this is over.

We will watch video of some of Don's work and of the studio, and him at work, and will listen to some of Frank's original work from the master tapes, one step removed so I can play it on the computer.

Oh, geez, I almost forgot to say that Frank will attend, with help, via computer from Seattle and will be commenting periodically.

The location will be Mark Wilder's mastering studio in NYC. He has very generously offered it to us, and it will fit our needs nicely and is a memorable visit, to say the least. Of course, he and some of his associates will be present.

A number of the attendees have either worked with Frank, or worked at the studio back in the day, or are devotees of one or both.


1. Decide that you are for sure going to be able to attend. The capacity is limited, more so than the June meeting, and I don't want anyone who wants to attend unable to because someone signed up but didn't show up. Anyone who does the latter will be forever banned from future events!

2. Send me a private message with your email address.

3. I will send you the link to log in to the event before that night. It works on all kinds of computers, but I'm not sure about mobile devices.

4. Although chatting in-meeting is a part of the webinar service, I will have enough going on that I will NOT monitor or reply to chatting.

5. For the same reasons, if you have problems logging on, I will not be able to help you. You either get in or you don't.

6. All Internet participants will be muted, so this will be LISTEN-AND-WATCH-ONLY for you, although I hope to have a segment of the meeting where we go around and have each person introduce themselves and make a comment to Frank, Mark, Don, or whoever. This won't last long, per-person, though, so don't plan on making a speech or asking a very technical question.

6a. If we do the individual introductions, you MUST be listening via headphones AND have a mic relatively close to your mouth, and be in a quiet room. Doing otherwise risks nasty feedback, and I will kill your mic immediately and move on to the next person if I hear feedback. We will not spend time trying to make it work.

7. It can be difficult to both lead a meeting/banquet and solve technical issues at the same time, so your presence will constitute your forgiveness and understanding if glitches occur. OK?

8. I reserve the right to set or interpret any other rules that need to be made or interpreted to make this go smoothly. There are no guarantees that you can access the webinar, benefit from it, or that it will be entertaining. I almost want to guarantee that it will be unique and memorable, but won't.

9. There is a financial component to this which I won't address here, as I don't want to break any rules (or even know what to say), but these awards had a significant cost and while the physical attendees will pick up some of the costs, there is still some left over. I'm not sure how to address this on a longer term basis, but at some future point there may be memberships of some sort.

So there is NO COST to this webinar.

Thanks for reading this far, and I look forward to hearing your feedback, particularly afterward.


Dan Mortensen

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Re: Friends of 30th St Studio Webinar Oct 10
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2012, 01:25:28 pm »

It occurred to me last night that rather than this being a case of "if you can't log in, too bad", I could do a dry run with anyone who is interested to be sure that the technology works for each person.

If anyone is interested in being part of this event, then tell me what days work for you and roughly what time, and I can schedule something.

Since we don't care about capacity for the dry run, and I can do more than one if needed, I can just post a link here for a specific day and time, and we can spend half an hour to make sure it works for you.

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