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Author Topic: WUMP 25 - (Listening, Discussion and Techniques)  (Read 12893 times)

Luna Sound

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Re: WUMP 25 - (Listening, Discussion and Techniques)
« Reply #45 on: May 16, 2012, 04:22:20 am »

A little late but here are my settings/ process notes:

SRC to 96KHz using Sample Manager(Izotope). Dropped gain 1dB in Logic. Sonnox eq HPF@20Hz, -1.3dB@85Hz q 4. Sonnox SuprEsser set to 11.4KHz and threshold automated to get the worst of the esses.
Out through Orpheus DA - Gyraf GX, fairly low ratio, med attack, med/fast release. This was giving up to 1dB of gain reduction and had about 1dB of make up gain. (There are no numbers on this units hence the somewhat vague descriptions).
Gyraf GXIV, broad bell boost at 1K2 I would guess about 1.5dB. Broad bell boost at 18KHz (Again there are no dB markings but this was a small move).
DAV SIPP +1dB gain into Orpheus AD into PSP Xenon. Transient mode A 88%, Release 20ms, Gain 3.8dB, Stereo link 38% output -0.6dB
SRC to 44.1 + MBIT dither using Sample Manager
I was overall fairly pleased with how this turned out but if I got a chance to tweak it then I'd reduce or even lose the 1K2 boost and attenuate the level slightly more before hitting the analogue chain.
I enjoyed taking part and hope I get to join in the next one.
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