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Author Topic: FT: Custom Spectra Sonics 2 Channel Rack with Vintage API VU meters & 5Fish PSU  (Read 1491 times)


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Here is a movie of the unit at work:


Now for the deal! I am looking to acquire more Spectra Sonics modules, so if you have any spectra sonics parts or modules that you never racked up let's trade. I am trying to put a console together and need more 502/110a modules and possibly other parts. I am looking to trade this unit, loaded with two modules, for four of your raw modules etc.

So if you never racked yours up here is your chance to plug and play and help a console get rebuilt. This rack and vintage API meters with FiveFish PSU, custom rack etc plus mod/rewiring labor from a tech has easily cost me $1500.00 not counting modules. But it sounds amazing!

In addition to this amazing rack I have other console parts, bus modules, anodized gold meter panel, some old meters and more. Just trying to get my console running. And lemme tell you I am not one of those guys who famously lucked into one. I have paid through the nose for every part. Just a love affair with this sound.

pm for more info. It currently runs at 17.5 volts, but can go to 24 volts if you want to mod it. Also the attenuation pots you see are very high quality but not wired up as I liked the simple -10 -20 -30db switches. I also have it wired for line in but the XLR's are on pigtails - you can run them out a hole or install the TRS jacks I have included in this deal (pictured).

Jim Roll
Backseat Productions
Ann Arbor, MI USA
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