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Speaker stands mini dilemma

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I'm just about done building a little 10x16 recording room, single room.  It's for my own little projects.  It's a self contained space in my backyard, built with standard construction and with dual 5/8" layers of sheetrock with green glue sandwich.   

In order to save floor space in this small room I'm considering mounting my pa speakers (needed for rehearsals) on the wall using something like this:


From an acoustics perspective... am I creating a much better path for audio by using these guys hung right on the wall? It's an outside wall (which they all are in my room).

What do you think?

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In my opinion, this is quite a good option, especially if you have so little space.



Jerome Malsack:
In live sound any time something is off the ground and can fall onto someone you have liability insurance and injury potential. 

Yes you can use them.  Do you have a safety cable and second point attached to a wall ceiling ? 


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