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For those that have been around since the R/E/P forums began in March of 2004, you know we've had some of the best and brightest minds in the recording world grace our forum.  R/E/P has been the "cyber home" to guys like George Massenburg [who started with us in '04], Steve Albini, Chris Walla in addition to Ross Hogarth, Terry Manning, Michael Brauer, John Travis... along with many [MANY!!] equally cool and talented participants!!!

I've been the "administrator" for the various incarnations of R/E/P since 2004.  My co-moderator for this iteration of the site is a gentleman known as "The Saint".  As we use our real names around here; Ron Saint Germain started at Media Sound in the 70 and has gone on to compile an hugely impressive discography what includes a dozen Grammy® awards and a couple hundred million units sold [like between 250-300 million].  He went on to do some seminal records I'm sure we've all heard, listened to [and at least in my case] studied... like stuff from Kraftwerk, Bad Brains, 311, and Ornette Coleman.  He currently has a hell of a studio in his basement, centered around a rather large AMEK 9098i taking the concept of "home recording" to another stratosphere of excellence.

This will remain a forum for professional discussion!!!  There are lots of other places on the internet where you can find mis-information spewed by the undereducated and miscellaneous sales weasels with an unveiled agenda.  This forum will be void of that kind of noise.  As I'm sure you encountered during the registration process, you will be asked to be accountable for any and all statements you make... and requested only to relay first hand impressions / opinions.  Please feel free to ask any of us anything you'd like to know... but first and foremost, let's be sure to keep this forum on a professional plane - and the first step towards that is to read the post that outlines "the rules".

As we enter the newest and latest era of R/E/P - it is my pleasure to welcome you... and I can't wait to begin to explore all the cool ideas we can share as we teach each other.


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