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FS: KNIF ETIP Mastering Eq


KNIF ETIP Mastering eq

it is a passive tube equalizer that has the particularity to use the in & output Lundhal xformers as MS matrix
Then the eq can be used in LR or MS.

The built quality as all Knif products is outstanding, all rotary controls are greyhill switches, thick front plate and case, NOS matched tubes, inductors and output xformers are schielded with mu metal ...

it is in perfect state, and sold with :
- the amorphous core xformer option,
- additionnal mod to have a "color" control on the output amp (only unit to have that, it control the feedback in the output amp adding a few 2nd harmonics)
- set of spare NOS replacement tubes

contact me for pics

the Etip is discontinued and sold initialy


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