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Sam Bell:
I'm looking to put together my first setup for recording on a limited budget. I've pretty much decided to go with a used Echo AudioFirePre8 as my interface that my friend is selling to me for $500 but would welcome suggestions on the following:

Vocal Microphone-  my voice is nasally and perhaps not quite as "refined" as I would like (sort of like Liam Gallagher's). Have been working with a vocal coach and sound fine live.

Acoustic Guitar Mic - a variety of Martin and Gibson acoustics and a classical guitar

Electric Guitar Mic - to mic a 60's Fender Bandmaster cab (Bandmaster head)

Rack EQ

Rack Compressor

Rack Preamp (if needed - meaning if an external pre at a modest price point would make a difference)

I would like to buy 2 mics in total and hope at least 1 of them can serve double duty. Have been considering the Beyer M160 as a vocal and guitar cab mic but would welcome comments/suggestions.

Aside from the interface and monitors (see below), I have a budget of $1500 to spend. As a realist, I realize that this will be strictly for getting used to this medium in my own home project studio and don't expect to produce pro sounding results. For that (if and when I need it in the future), I'd simply book time at any one of several studios here in town.

I'm on a 2010 Macbook Pro running Logic and plan on using Yamaha HS50M monitors which a friend is selling to me for $100.

All helpful suggestions welcome.



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