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Embedding 'sound' in a book???



I'm currently writing a thesis about acoustic architecture and I want to have something embedded in the final book which is capable of playing a series of (previously recorded) sounds at the push of a button, either through tiny speakers (a bit like those kids books which play songs, but less corny) or through some attached headphones (the messy option) Is there anything out there which is:

1. tiny and can be embedded in the back cover of a hardback book
2. lets me upload multiple sound files to it
3. allows playback through mini speakers at the push of a button

Or would I be better off buying a mini (cheap) Mp3 player and little headphones?


While it is definitely possible to do - there are all kinds of "greeting cards" that play sound [can't call that audio!!] I have no idea where to find something like that or make it generally available.

Some years ago Denny Purcell of Georgetown Masters did some X-mas cards with music he had recorded.  I don't know where to get them made, and Denny has passed to the great mastering lab in the sky so you can't ask him... but I have a feeling that with a bit of research you will be able to find a similar system [obviously you were starting that research here... unfortunately - that kind of "delivery" is not our province].



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