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PCM92 - Preset Change with Midi



I know that might be not the right place to ask this question but maybe somebody can help me anyway.
I want to implement a PCM92 in a guitar rack and my problem is to change presets with midi.

Does anyone have any experiences how to configure Midi of a PCM92 for Programm Changes?
In the manual is written the following:

============================================================ =====
Preset Loading
Because of the large number of potential presets in the PCM92, Preset Change messages are used along with the Bank Select extension to provide MIDI preset selection. Controller 32 is used to select the current preset bank. Controller 32 is sent to the system (to select the desired bank),followed by a Preset Change message to select a preset. The Bank values are
“sticky,” meaning the PCM92 will remember the Bank values for each MIDI channel. It is not necessary to send a Bank change with each Preset Change unless the Bank has indeed changed.
============================================================ =====

I have one system preset for Mono in and Stereo out, therefore I set the Base Midi Channel to 0 because I don't have to change that.
Further I have some machine presets with only one Virtual machine. Therefore I gave that Virtual Machine the Midi Channel 5.

All my presets are in Bank 74. If I power it on Bank 74 is active.

And now, how can I send Controller 32 followed by a Preset Change with a standard midi foot controller?

Would be great if anyone could help me.



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