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Its been fun!!!!


For the past 7 years its been a blast having my own forum on R/E/P!!!  Today [28 February 2011] is pretty much the last day of this version of R/E/P -- within the next day or so the forums will be locked down and become "read only".

The next version of the forums will still be part of ProSoundWeb.com - but will have a new address http://repforums.prosoundweb.com

On the next version the "Fletcher" forum will cease to exist.  I will be joining Michael Brauer, Ron Saint Germain and John Travis as a moderator on the next version of "Whatever Works".

For all intents and purposes nothing will change... except instead of having two forums dedicated to the tools and techniques associated with quality / professional recording there will be one... a little less redundancy and a measure more focus on the forums as a whole.

I hope to see you all at the new address... and thank you for the honor of being able to have run my own forum for the last 7 years.

See ya on the other side!!!!



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