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Tips on "Stereoizing" Mono Output Synths

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Phil Mayor:
Try a Roland Dimension D or the SBF-325 in chorus mode...Works very well with synths..the D is nice as it doesnt cover up tne original synths character too much..the SBF-325 is a bit more Juno 60 with-chorus-switch-on sounding..

Nick Sevilla:

What DAW are you using?
Does it have any Chorus, Stereo making, or other effects?
Try some of those.


Yeah, as mentioned, Dimension-D is quite nice.

If you are doing the delay thing, be sure to check in mono.  Usually you will need to get past 30 ms or so to keep some sort of mono compatibility.

Another trick was the AMS DMX-1580s with pitch and delay variations.  No (single) plug-in does this properly to my knowledge.

I like the way you are doing it now, probably has a good chance for the effect in stereo and something left in mono.

For those of you who have suggested effects, are you talking about mono effaces?  Like "pan the dry signal to the left and pan a mono chorus effect to the right"?  Or stereo?


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