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Tips on "Stereoizing" Mono Output Synths

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I'm making an old-school synthpop album.  On a few songs, I'm trying to achieve that big 80s pad sound (stereo).  I'm using an analog Prophet synthesizer with a mono output.

So far, I've had the most success panning the pad sound hard left and then doing another take with slightly different parameter settings (filter frequency, tuning, amplitude attack) and panning that hard left.  However, I've noticed when listening to recordings of synth pads from the 80s, the panning is never quite this drastic.

Anyone know what the de facto standard for panning in such a situation?  I haven't used reverb or effects so far...so any tips in this regard would be great as well.

SPX Symphonic?

Jim Williams:
Back in the 80's I used to use an Orban "Stereo Synth" box, I actually made a few of them too.

They used an all pass filter to create nulls between the two channels giving a nice widening effect.

The beauty of that design is it sums to mono perfectly, something those other techniques will not do well.

k jacobson:
A technique I've used often for stereo-izing anything:

Make a copy of the mono track onto a second track.
Delay the second track by 8 ms to 12 ms (or more possibly).
Pan these two tracks hard left and right.

What you're doing with the Prophet 5 is pretty much what was done during the 80's... if you're lazy you can copy the track with a bit of delay [and even some pitch shift if you feel like it] but you will definitely have phase issues in mono [which is how a lot of this stuff ends up if its used or distributed through a television medium].



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