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Philip Roberts:
I'm hoping this is the right spot for this question, I mostly hang out on the SR/Live forums but figured I'd get better response here for this question. If there is a better sub forum feel free to point me there.

I'm trying to see if any one makes an audio recording software that can continue recording while the user is editing and playing back other sections of the file.

The situation I'm thinking of this for is doing quick turn around rebroadcasts of live events but with selected sections cut out or tightened up.

Multi-track or 2-track only is ok.

I think this would be something like an audio version of an EVS which is what is used as I understand it for doing instant replays of sports games.

For what it's worth I'm currently using Sound Forge 7 and I like it's style of editing I just need to be able to edit while still recording.




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