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Drawmer DS-201 gate side chain audio quality


Michael Loomis:
I'm considering the purchase of one of these units, but I'm curious to know how good the audio quality of the side chain is.  I realize this is not an really an issue when the side chain is used in the normal way because it is only affecting the detector circuit. However, when using the "key listen" feature, the high and low pass filters on the side chain in this unit could be used on actual audio -- if the quality is up to snuff.

Has anyone used the side chain filters in this way?  If so, do you think the audio was compromised in any way?

Having two channels of gate/expander would be cool enough, but being able to use the filters independently would just be icing on the cake.

Thanks for your comments,


Jim Williams:
TL072 opamps and small low quality electrolytic capacitors = the classic "English Sound".

Changing those out will help as will changing out the filter caps.

I use a Aphex 612 gate as it's much more capable (it's an expander) and the side chain filters are modified to be very clear as I use them as filters alone without the gate.

I've used the side chain listen in studios which don't have swept Hi-pass and low-pass filters in the console. -And the nonsense about what type of cap or what type of op-amp it uses has never even speculated upon the merest possibility of crossing my mind.

And it sounded just fine.

Of course.

-I mean... -If you're in a studio where there are no swept HP/LP filters, the brand of op-amp is your least concern, and probably about as relevant as the color of the carpet.

Don't worry. Be happy.


What Keith said... and let me add that if you're using the filter section you're probably not all that interested in "tippy top" or "thundering bottom" [hence why you're employing the filter set].

For what you're talking about - the "side chain listen" function sounds as good as the unit - except you have access to the filter set.  The input and output circuits within the unit are the same as the "regular" signal path except you have access to hearing what the filters do in the circuit.

Michael Loomis:
Thanks for the feedback.



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