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k jacobson:
Quantegy seems to be in the process of reintroducing a couple of lines of tape -> http://www.quantegy-online.com/index.html.  I've used Quantegy and Ampex 456 1/2" in the past.  

They say they have limited quantities of 2" tape.  I don't know if it's the best, but it's almost the only-est.  

oh boyohboyohboyohboy!
firetruck yeah! (get rid of excess letters)

and if they can get just enough whale oil from Japan...

ATR and RMG are (aside from quality control) "better"
tape, but they don't sound like ampex.

mmmmmm  loud rock on 456, even GP-9 there is somethin' goin'
on there.  it might not be right, but...it can be mighty
tough sounding.

probably best over all is the ATR.
hope they get it down the Nth on all the little
details ampex knew.

ok hang over wearin' off

is the available tape old stock?

are they (quantegy) makin' it or are they tryin' to
find some one to make thier line for them?


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