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Favorite 2" and 1/2" Tape

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What is your favorite brand/type of 2" and 1/2" tape?

Jim Williams:
Scotch 996 followed by Scotch 250.

Neither of which has been made since 1993.

Haha, well what about for today?  Looking to do +9 at 30ips for tracking.

I think the safest bet (and a very high quality one at that) is Mike's tape from ATR Services. It's in his best interest to have a really good tape stock to use on his pricey-but-worth-it refurbed machines, so he'll continue to make it past the point that AGFA/BASF/EMTEC/Whatevertheyaretoday will cease to see the economic sense in continuing to make tape stock for an ever-shrinking audience.
Try it. All comments seem to be positive. Midway between 456 and 499 in setup.
Oh, and +1 on the 250/996, too.

Sweet, I'll give him a call.


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