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Greg Reierson:
MagnetoSound wrote on Thu, 24 February 2011 02:17
+6 over what?

One would assume 250.

Magnetized heads / guides? Seems very strange. Is the music very quite or sparse? Have you tried other tape?


Greg Reierson wrote on Thu, 24 February 2011 10:48
MagnetoSound wrote on Thu, 24 February 2011 02:17
+6 over what?

One would assume 250.

I assumed +6/185...

Greg Reierson:
Damn! Memory fade.... Chuck is correct!


Can you measure the level of the print through relative to the main audio?
Print 1 kHz at your reference level. Then with no input, record over the 1 kHz tone. Tell us or supply files of the erase level of the 1 kHz tone.

+6 over 185nW/m  or 355 nW/m

250 nanos is +3dB over zero referenced to 185 nW/m

At the time this standard was established 185 nW is all
the level the tape of the day could handle.
so the 0dB reference still in use today is referenced to 185.
when 456 came out the ads said "Now i can record at +6
and tape hiss is no problem." eveyone just knew what the
superstar engineer of the month in the ad meant.
499 and scotch 996? we just said "sweet now we can go +9!"

any ways... rebiasing for a different tape gave a clue.

after setting the high eq for zero i always look at 15k or 16k
just to see how flat thing are further up.
the API console has 10k then 20k on it's oscillator.
so when i looked at 20k (after setting zero at 10k)
it was -15dB down on the left side and -20 on the left!

derr...that ain't right.
ok so i check the head wrap on the record head as i am
recording 20k... still pretty solid, frickin' low
checking the repro head - whoa! there's the top.
we are not getting good contact on the repro head.

(i won't take the time at the moment to explain except to say
you should ues a Q-tip instead of your finger)

so i swapped in a head stack from another ATR, and
the wrap was fine.
(yes repro and record cal again with different heads)
only down a quarter dB or so at 20k about what i would expect at 15 ips

i also swapped master bias cards, thinking this would be the
most likely of a machine induced problem.

still print thru.  damn

the tape is being erased.
it is not an erasure issue.

i am pretty sure it's a machine issue.
yet another machine in the building has no problem with
this issue.  it is being used in session for another day
in the other room, or i would use it now.

if i have a chance, i will try to make a file or two, but that is not
likely today.

no sense in gettin' to concerned, when i originally posted, i
hadn't ruled out the tape at that point.
i was just wonderin' if other people had any similar experience with RMG.


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