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i do have a gauss meter, haven't used it yet.
good idea though.
degaussed everything in the tape path, including pinch roller
(old scully 2" story about that one)

the guys in studio B don't wanna give up that machine yet,
they loved the sound of it, except the print thru
and in spite if the fact we got the next machine tweakd to sound just
the same.

who am i to mess with the bond that that can develop between
man and machine ?

Are you sure its not audio getting from output back to input while its in record, and therefore adding an echo to the signal? You could prove this by recording at the front of a reel, and then at the back. Print through is the adjacent layer of tape printing, so at the front of the reel the print will be short delay, and at the end it will be long. If it doesn't vary, then its feedthrough, possibly in the in/out assembly. Use a burst of tone, easy to hear the starts and ends then.
Does the in/out assembly have its transformers fitted? Any funny loading on the outputs? Missing or dodgy ground to the in/out assembly?


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