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M-S in analog x M-S ITB ( Pro Tools Hd + PSP Neon HR)

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Alécio Costa - Brazil:
I have been doing  M-S EQ in digital, after analog pass, with Neon HR.

For the moment, I have just one analog EQ (IBIS), two compressors ( OCL2 and STC8) and the Hedd 192 ad da, receiving and sending signals to one 192 IO Digital (Pro Tools HD rig).

Would it be a better solution doing it in analog? I mean, would it improve the compressors performance too? Not considering here the benefits of the tone provided for let us say, a Milennia NSeq2 or even an additional IBIS EQ.

I shall in the future buy one more analog eq and an M-S matrix, like the ones you might recommend me.

Thanks for any info!

It seems like it would always be better to do any EQing analog MS or otherwise. Other than my personal view, I believe I've seen a few top guys on here mentioning that they use their analog gear for MS EQ.

Alécio Costa - Brazil:
If I remember, Brad uses his Ibis EQ in MS.
Brad, gives us a light!

Indeed i do, most of the time. I had my tech build an analog M/S matrix many years ago and use that for the conversion.

I rather like the Ibis in M/S use - it's flexibility really helps in dealing with common issues.

Alécio Costa - Brazil:

Can you recommend me a matrix model?

People comment about SPL being fine or not.


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