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The placement of hanging cloud


Paul Cavins:
Hey hey you you get offa mah cloud!

Anyway, I'm going to build and install a hanging cloud above my mixing position in order to make my luxury mixing room (read "apartment living room") a better listening experience. I'm also going to put absorbers on the walls at the appropriate first-reflection points.

I'm wondering what determines the precise placement, height wise, of the cloud. I am thinking about a 4" absorber with a 4" space between it and the ceiling. It may be practical for me to install it a bit lower. That is not an aesthetic problem, the ceiling is tall enough, but I don't want to make one of those fundamental mistakes.



A 4" thk cloud with 4" space behind it will work just fine. The precise placement of the cloud (in plan) and the absorbers for that matter is driven by control of early reflections. The should be placed by doing some ray analysis OR by poking around with a mirror to find the spot(s) where your speakers are 'seen' as reflections off the ceiling and side walls. It takes two people but this is the easiest and most accurate way to identify first reflection points in small rooms...

4 inch gap is fine but a bigger gap would be slightly better. It would enhance the LF absorption of the Cloud. This would slightly diminish the effect of the vertical mode.

Paul Cavins:
Thanks for the info, guys. It is reassuring to get advice from those in the know-



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