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   I currently do maintenance on the 40 channel Neve that used to be in Bearsville Studios (and previously was the Who's.)
We have done a lot of work on the console and its going pretty good
for a 40 year old!
However I am stuck for a part, namely the switch/pot combination used on the auxes. It looks like the Bearsville guys did change some of them, as some modules have a different part and it looks
I am hoping to track down the tech who was at Bearsville when the Neve was there, and see if he has/ knows where to get said part.
Any help greatly appreciated.
For anyone interested in seeing pics od the console, look up Roundhead Studios in New Zealand. This is a well travelled console!

Lovely studio. That's a groovy console
Custom black panels with luminecent designation screening
At the time it was built, 40 inputs was considered huge.

Ken McKim is your man.
E-mail: trouble(dot)report(at)gmail(dot)com

I'm sure Geoff Tanner can also give you a lot of insight on that console

I maintain the other desk from B-ville- the regulation paint 8068.  All the monitor rack stuff got ripped-out by someone in the 80's and it is close to original.
All the pots were replaced in '96 with Clarostat "Clarokit" assembled units.  The last time I called Clarostat they had discontinued the Clarokit series.
This series is was a way to make replacement SSL 4K pots as well.  It was a great way to order quantity <1000 units.

We've tried a black light on the console, but no joy. I think the luminescence has worn out!
Thanks guys, I'll email Ken.
Yes, they look like Clarostats, I'll have to hope Ken has a stash!

Dave Hecht:
Custom assembled Clarostat pots are available from State Electronics http://www.potentiometers.com/. Last time I ordered from them they had a pretty steep setup charge as well as a minimum order, so not cheap, but was able to get the parts I needed.

Dave Hecht


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