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OH/Hi-Hats on John Mayer's Battle Studies

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I can hardly hear them. I am so used to hearing modern pop-rock CDs with loud,aggressive high end in the drums/percussion that I was pretty shocked when I heard this CD.  It's like the drum kit came without HH and cymbals.

The OH/Hi-Hats appear to be mixed very low, and without pushing the highs.  

A refreshing change that allows the vox/lyrics to come out more.

And a Grammy for best engineering to top it off.

Pity I'm not otherwise a fan of JM!



Get Steve Jordan as your drummer if you want that kind of performance.

Geoff Emerick de Fake:
I had a revelation the day I went to a gig, the drummer was late so someone sat in but he had no cymbals whatsoever. I just loved that.
We have a producer here who very often says to the drummer: no cymbals. One day a drummer came with his cymbals and said: i just feel more comfortable having them installed, although I won't use them. The producer agreed, but finally scrapped the take and hired another drummer.

The odd thing is that it's not Mr Jordan's playing, but rather the mixing.  He clearly uses cymbals and HHs, but for some reason they are mixed really really low.

And I like it!

Jason Poff:
Or Steve could have hit them softer.

I know... what a silly concept.


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