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Mixing to 1/2" at 30ips or 15ips

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I'm tracking at 30ips on a Studer 820.  Any advice as to whether I should mix at 30ips or 15ips for 1/2"?

15 ips - LF head bumps down an octave, less HF headroom
30 ips - LF head bumps up an octave, more HF headroom
What works for your program material?

David Bock:
 is thicker, but really, you can't go wrong with 1/2"

I assume mixing at 15ips has more noise, yes?

Actually mixing at 30ips has the same amount of noise as mixing at 15ips... the noise is moved up an octave [due to the tape speed] so a portion moves out of the audible range... but its there, and guys like Jim Williams can still measure it [one of the reasons to get insane about alignments - and do things like run "Audio Precision" tests when doing alignments like Jim does].



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