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Has anyone used the FLEA U47?

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I finally want a "REALLY" good mic.   Are these gonna be worth the $4-5 thousand dollar price tag??

I want a CS-4, but the wait seems too long, I really want a telefunken- but cant afford that.  Is this my best solution for quality??

Is there a better solution for something with a Thierch M7


Nick Sevilla:
I would get the CS-4... even with the long wait.


I have owned and / or used stock U47's, Flea 47's, Blue modded 47s, Peluso 47's.


Thanks!!  Much appreciated!!

YOu ask a good question.

I am using the FLEA 47 and the FLEA 49. Both are very good mics and have 95% of the essential sound of the imitated models.

FLEA sent me a FLEA 47 with a UF12 tube and their own capsule. The combination is sounding outstanding and it is useable interchangeably with a real Neumann U47.

Both models that you ask about sound different from a C12 like mic. The CS-4 is certainly having a family sound. YOu may want that but if you want the 47 sound then FLEA is a good choice.

My FLEA 49 sounds the same as my real Neumann M49.

Delivery time was less than one month from FLEA. I ordered directly on their website where they have some specials now on the mics you are asking about.

with thanks,

Thanks for the info fellas!!  But I realized all those mics are out of my price range.  My eyes are  bigger than my wallet.  I'm gonna get a Wunder CM7 GT, cant go wrong with that !!!  Anyone have anything bad to say about the Wunder CM7 GT??



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