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They are the B&W 802 speakers.  This is the first really fucking great speakers I've had connected to my home stereo.  I feel I now need a really good graphic equalizer to tune them, the bass is a little out of control and can't be corrected on the 2 band EQ on my 70's discrete receiver.  I've been told to do these speakers justice I need a Krell or Bryston amp, 250+ w/ch.  But then I'd also have to get a nice preamp, and I really love my receiver, which doesn't seem strapped for power for these speakers.  Anyone know of an RCA/unbalanced graphic EQ I should check out?  I just bought a Yamaha "Natural Sound" graphic EQ off eBay which will likely disappoint me.

Listening to music like this, like 70% of my record collection now sounds like shit, but the remaining 30%... wow.


Dale Francis:
they bass is out of control because the amp can not do the job and the room needs tuning.   your cure is crap and will not work!!!  

EQ on monitors is foo
Fix your room

Jim Williams:
Buy some good headphones and call it a day.

J.J. Blair:
You're using the wrong speaker cables, and you have to lift them off the floor.  That will fix the problem.


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