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Studio layout (console sidecar + summing mixer + outboard)


Hi everyone,

I acquired a 12 channel console sidecar (no master section) connected to a patchbay (12 direct outs/ins, 8 group outs, 4 auxes out)

I was wondering if anyone here has ideas on how I could implement it to use it effectively for mixing or tracking, along with my existing summing mixer (12 inputs, 2 aux inputs) and outboard comps & pre's. I currently have 16 DA/AD channels.
(btw. I have no 'console workflow experience', have always worked hybrid with summing amp).

I was also wondering what exactly is meant with 'cleanfeed outputs (link)' and where these could be used for? Idem for 'Channel prefade (link))

If you've got any suggestions re. a possible setup, I'd be very happy.

Many thanks!

ps. I hope this is the 'right' forum to ask such question.


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