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Hey all -- several of the moderators just got off a conference call -- the good news is that we're all in agreement that we're going to be keeping "the band together" for the most part.

There will be a meeting with the "powers that be" at EH Publishing [the mother ship company that owns PSW - and by virtue of that ownership R/E/P] to work on establishing our forum's autonomy from the other PSW forums [like we have with this current set - but not with the "beta version" of the "new set"].

There are a few other things that we're going to be asking EH Publishing to do - things that will make the transition to the new software a bit easier for all involved... SO... please all keep hanging and posting on this set of forums until we get the other kinks worked out.

A little peek backstage - the current set of forums is run on a software called "FUD" which has been deemed to be untenable.  It is no longer supported properly and eats up way too much server space.  If you're one of the participants from the EU then you know that our forums are down for pretty close to two hours a day for "back up" [which is one of the things that will ABSOLUTELY change in the next incarnation].

Our goal [R/E/P administrators and moderators] is to continue to provide the highest level of Audio Production discussion forums with the lowest "signal to noise", highest level of competency, as well as lowest corporate "spamming" of any forum set.  At this point, the things we're dealing with are all infrastructure and should be sorted out in short order.

Thanks for your patience during this period - my apologies for not having been more communicative during this period.  There will be more updates as we have more information and as soon as we know more... in the meanwhile, let's keep sharing our communal knowledge, and hopefully grow as engineers, techs, producers, etc.



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