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Need Help With Spectra Sonics EQ and Card


I'm brand new to the forum, and I'm thanking you for any help you might be able give me.

I have a SS 3 Band switchable freq points EQ Unit and a Model 103 card that was with it. It's self contained in a metal box and looks like it would mount by dropping it into a slot on a mix desk??? I was wondering if anyone can tell me the model number of the EQ and if anyone has info on connecting this thing up. Does that card even belong with it? It's really hard finding info on these products.

Thank you,

That's a 502 EQ.  The 103 is a "Zero Amp" Mixing Amplifier, according to the info I have here.  Generally, you'd find the 502 sitting in the feedback loop of a 101 or 110 amp card.  I know pretty much nothing about the 103 beyond what I mentioned above.

You can find a bit more info here and elsewhere with some digging.  Also, there's the new Spectra Sonics.


Also new to the forum.  I'm glad to see folks discussing Spectra Sonics.

i have a 1020-16 SS mixer complete with the Ampex MM1000 it was matched to at CBS records in Hollywood.  It's in excellent shape, my own private use for 20 years.

U'm trying to get a handle on where I stand in the Sectra Sonics and analog recording world.

I'd be happy to dis cuss it all.

My mixer seems to have been built by SS in Hollywood in 1972.



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