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Re: Audi A4 Timing Belt Question for Keith (ssltech)

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ssltech wrote on Sat, 29 January 2011 02:49
Collins wrote
btw, dealer wouldn't give me the R8 for a loaner...

...Watch this space...

-Oops! -Hush my mouth!

One passed me in Glasgow on Thursday night. Whilst it would not be my choice at that price point it did look and sound fabulous.

It was somewhat overshadowed by the Monte Carlo classic rally launch 100m up the road though.

W-12 914. I want that.


Thanks again for letting me bounce some of this off you.
Got the car back with no leftover parts or leaks.  
Seems ok so far.

Not sure if i just didn't notice before, but seems like
the engine has more valve noise...i forgot to ask
the dealer guy, but what is the recommended interval for
valve adjustments on the 3.0Litre, 30V?

...or are the 30v's normally a little clickety?


oh, and if you pull the trigger on a R8, details please.


Valves should be hydraulic and self-adjusting on those, I'd have thought... Triple check the oil level, and also ask about what weight would have been used, then the other questions would be about what sort of outside temperature you're presently seeing, and if the noise changes as the engine warms up.

Mine is a little clattery on startup (practically like a diesel!) but quickly calms down to a light ticking. only the cardinal sin of letting the oil level drop gives me any increase in tick.

New cam tensioners might be causing some running noise until they bed in and 'take the shape of the chain', I suppose... if that engine has cam chains to allow variable valve timing or whatever.

The R8 might be a while...  I have a savings fund set up, but I keep raiding it to buy microphones and stuff like that... If it happens, the Porsche will of course have to go.



Checked the oil level before i drove it off their
lot...ok there.

It's been fairly cold up here, so maybe that?
Def. will let things settle in for a while.

I'll have to do some more studying on the valve train,
not sure exactly how that is actually set up?

haha...now back to regular gear lust...and good
luck on whatever purchases/trades you make.



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