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Re: Audi A4 Timing Belt Question for Keith (ssltech)

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Relying on your extensive Audi knowledge...
Please check your PM.


Sorry, my PM box is too full to permit me to reply, and I'm struggling to use the 'make pdf archive' function* (if anyone can help here, feel free!), so for now I'll reply here:

From a dealer that's probably not TOO unreasonable for a belt and all the "while you're in there" stuff... I thought that the factory change interval on a B6 might typically be longer than 40k, but age is also an evil little gremlin, specially if the vehicle has sat for any length of time.

Ask if it also includes any 'while you're in there' seals... (camshaft pulley seals and crank pulley seal for example) and such like.

If it's comprehensive, then the one remaining thing to do is to ask if they'll price match another VW/Audi dealership at ten percent off... -the reason being that most VW/Audi dealerships will send out fliers every so often with "10% off all service", to drum up business.

Also, I'm not sure if the Audi B6 3.0 30V is the same as the VW B5 4-motion 3.0 30V, but if so, a VW dealership should also be perfectly able to do the same service, since they'd be sharing the same parts, and putting them on an engine which would be identical, assuming that to be the case. (i.e. not like they'd be learning about the engine as they went, which might likely be the case if you took it to the local former Saturn/Pontiac place!)

I do still use my dealer for service on my Audi (at 49k miles), and I've maintained a friendly relationship with my service writer, and also a second service writer, who I've known for about 10 years (he was a service writer at my local VW dealership before switching  brands). -I know that if I went in to mine and said that I'd go there if they'd do it at 10% off and ring it up as a price match, that's what would happen, always assuming I'm not ALREADY beating them up on price for some other reason, or using a 15%-off coupon or something crazy!


*-Got it now. -I had missed that you had to select 'all' first.

Thanks Keith,

As i expected, really good timely advice!

Yes it is an age thing...i don't drive it a lot.
The mileage is relatively low for a 2004.

My thoughts exactly about 'while you're in there'.
I have a pretty decent relationship with my dealer
service folks too.  There are a couple other
items i need to have them look at as well.

So i'm going to have to bite the bullet on this one.
Way cheaper than if the belt slips/jumps on the HWY,
i see this as required maintenance.

I'll have to put off the new Studio Monitors for a bit.

Thanks again.


Yes, the last two belt changes on my Porsche have been after 8,000 miles each time... but three years on each occasion. -For the Gates and Continental belts, any longer than that and you frequently end up needing a complete new engine. (the cylinders are nikasil-coated aluminium alloy, so any dropped valves mean bye-bye!)


nikasil... I want my 2.7 back!

Carry on.


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