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one last attempt to fix my 949....


For some reason I am having a tough time giving up on my old 949 (and my Primetime as well).  A few of the functions work properly, but now a few don't.  I am wondering if one of the PROMS is dead or if it may be something fixable.  Here is what's going on:
In GREEN mode:
DELAY- no Display Readout, but passes delayed signal just fine.
REVERSE-no Display Readout and No signal.

RED mode:
Pitch Change- No Display Readout and No Signal
Micro Pitch Change- works fine.

Occasional I get and "1" flashing in the first position (rightmost) in the display.

I've checked the post-regulator voltages and they are within tolerance.  I have never recapped the unit in the 15 years i've had it, but the PSU caps were replaced previously and they look good.

I can limp along with partial functionality, but it would be nice to get the 2 PC fucntions to work.
Thanks very much for any help. (DK, I know you've giving up on these and are now building abstract sculptures with broken units, but maybe you've got a tip for me?)


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